Sunday, November 30, 2008

Elf on the Shelf

Our pretty tree!

M was gifted Elf on The Shelf last year. At 4 1/2 she now really understands the story and since it was unpacked with Christmas items two days ago, she has been very serious about Elf on The Shelf business. A book comes with the elf which explains a story about how the elf works. It visits santa at night telling him how you behaved during the day, and in the morning because of its travels, is in a different spot than the night before. If a child touches it however, it loses its magic and can't see santa or move.
Past two morning there has been 4 year old shrieks all through the house waaay too early in the morning while she hunts down the elf. And while the excitement may very well wear off in 2 more days, while it exists I am trying to focus on a primary goal; trying to remember to move the damn elf before I go to bed. The first night I forgot, and woke up paniced at 3am stumbling around in the dark trying to get it to sit upright and not fall over in her room. The second night I handed it over to D and he hid it on a rafter in the kitchen. Tonight I asked D. how are we going to remember to hide the elf every night, to which he replied, "we"? But, moments ago he announced on his way to bed, that yes, he did move it. But still, I am kinda annoyed with the Elf on The Shelf people. Yes, he looks sweet, innocent, old-timey, but in a Bride of Chucky sort of way. And no, elf on the shelf does not have whiskers, its just sitting in front of the mechanical cat. Which is another blog entry for later I guess.


d said...

What do you think of Elf on the Shelf for all year round? Also - I am working on a cute holiday party outfit for Mae. Go yule log.

nikiyaschwarz said...

elf on the shelf. i think mae's shrieks might be terror.


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