Friday, November 21, 2008

My Husband's Science Experiment

D. has given up coffee the last week or so, and has been drinking lots of Dave's Kombucha. A bottle sets you back atleast $3.50 so he decided to make his own.
With the wise guidance of a YouTube video, he brewed sugar, tea and a bottle of kombucha to make the "mother" a starter kombucha mushroom that will provide the culture for a lot of kombucha to come. So, the "mother" is now sitting in our laundry room fermenting for the next three weeks until a big mushroom forms on the top. I have opted to not participate in drinking the end results; I have enough problems with nausea as it is thank you very much. But he is very optimistic about his mycology science project. Wanna come over and try some?


Sarah said...

I am going to jump right on that bandwagon if he gets it to work. Although I am mocked by many, I am certain that the almost daily kombucha I drink kept we healthy all last winter. The $3.99 hurts though. Hope your thanksgiving was wonderful.

medicine girl said...

So what were the results of his experiment? :-)


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