Saturday, December 6, 2008

Party Party Party

Great Day. This bottom photo reminded me of clowns stuffed in a little car at the circus.
I am happily relaxing while writing this, all the work over. Soup is on the stove and we are all now in our comfy clothes.
When people I love all come together in the same room for a party like today, I have feelings of really loving my community. So many incredible mothers with different styles, opinions, lifestyles. So, while we talk during the party, gossip amongst ourselves, children busy themselves with special work. Today the special work was tending to a rescued lizard. Working together to make a new home for the poor little lizard, tasks were delegated. Homes were created. Harmony among the 4-5 year olds is beautiful music to my ears. At first I found myself wanting to liberate the lizard. In the midst of the party, I wanted to run to the end of the driveway and deliver the lizard to freedom. It was a matter of coincidence the lizard happen to be on the porch to begin with. Then one little girl saw me trying to pick him up and gasped. It was over right then. I handed the lizard over with strict instructions to release him in the yard, by the tree so it would find its home. "Ok, I will" she said. I sighed deeply knowing that most likely it would not last the hour, but be generously cared for by the quickly forming group of party children wanting in on the lizard action. Less than an hour later though, it had a new home in a glass container with leaves, rocks, water and a bark roof. The most earnest, proud, faces showed us with pride their accomplishments. And it was. Magic of the season.

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Sarah said...

sounds wonderful- lucky for all of you to have found each other. what is in the silver bowl? I'm on the edge of my seat!


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