Saturday, January 24, 2009

Angus the Dog

Angus the dog. He lives in North Carolina with my in-laws. He is very loved, and extremely sweet. M. loves him too. A lot. Maybe too much? Angus weathered our visit really well. According to follow-up accounts he recovered from our visit over a two day period. I am happy to report there were no nips, bites or other dog self-defense moves while we were visiting him. Yes, Angus is cool. Very tolerant. More tolerant than I would be if I were a dog up against a 4 year old with an agenda. M. was in his face for 10 days, sneaking jabs, prods, kicks and of course kisses and hugs. Thanks Angus. We love you.

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Sarah said...

your blog is really fabulous. cannot believe it took you this long to pursue it. the topics are really interesting- links are fabulous & photos really beautiful. keep it coming!!


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