Friday, January 16, 2009

A bird almost flew into the jet engine

him: "You cannot do that J. You cannot!"
me: "why?"
him: "Look at yourself! You cannot just do that to people!"
me: "oh, ok, but I am not happy about this"

That was the heated conversation D and I had on the plane when he figured out I was twisting my body around to shoot the person sitting somewhere behind us a death stares because they coughed the whole 5 hr. plane ride. (they could have antibiotic resistant TB right?) What he did not know was that I had already mastered the death stare on the airplane ride to the east coast without him. Ha! So there.
I forgot my hand sanitizer (by mistake!) even though it was partially useless, I was not ready to let go of my habit. I took M. to the airplane bathroom and it was so gross, our feet stuck to the floor. Even M. knew I was in hell. She said "Mommy, is this hard for you?" Um, yeah this is hard for me. But, I did not get sick from either plane ride, so I guess I was not breathing in toxic germ air after all.

What did happen is upon landing in Sacramento, a bird came about a foot from flying right into the engine. I had wrangled the window seat from my daughter and was right beside the engine watching the landing. As we were touching down I told D, "Wow! A bird almost flew into the engine." Then two days later the Hudson river plane crash. Sometimes I dream plane crashes, but not this time. Big things like Sept. 11th and the earthquake in China I dreamed before it happened and becomes this surreal thing unfolding in front of me on the news. When I was 5 or 6 a plane crashed after its engines fell off while taking off at O'Hare. No one survived. My father and I were outside, watching the smoke rise in the sky. We were in Arlington Heights then. That started a life long fascination with plane crashes. TLC channel comes in handy for me airing specials about plane crashes. I always tune in.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica, I dream about fictional plane crashes, not real ones. But I have had prophetic dreams about really useless things, not like yours. You are gifted!
PS- the death stare is OK, it happens. I have both given and received it on planes!


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