Thursday, January 22, 2009

Endive, Endive, I love thee

I can't believe food gives me butterflies in my stomach. Just now making lunch, I got them. Not very often, but sometimes. I liked my "dish" so much it made me want to have a dinner party. I will plan the whole meal around this dish. It took 5 minutes to make.
Endive. Yes, it is bitter. But if you coax it, it will transform into many things. Chicory vegetables (endive, escarole, radicchio) are super-stars. They are the ultimate yin in the yang dominated food universe. You know, the underdogs. And since salad may not call out to us on rainy days, well then lets get down and saute.

One serving:
3 heads belgian endive
1 1/2 tsp.. truffle butter
1 Tbls pecorino romano grated
drizzle olive oil
pinch truffle salt

I cut endive into to 1 inch pieces, and sauteed with a small bit of olive oil for about 4 minutes. Then added salt and truffle butter. Turned off heat, added cheese, stirred and served.
I ate this alone. It would be a great addition to mix with pasta, israeli couscous, faro. I would put it in a burrito with scrambled eggs (if I could eat eggs). On toast. Yes, unlikely, but how gloriously it works. The cheese and truffle butter mellowed out the bitter. Especially nice on the rainy day I am listening to outside.
Oh, and pecorino romano is sheep's milk cheese, so that is a bonus too if you want to keep away from cow's milk. Check the package though just to be sure.


Sarah said...

that scares me a bit- maybe its the truffle oil or I'm just a major simpleton. love the recipes, though.

did you see GP's list of books she & her famous friends enjoy? Blech is my thought on that.

d said...

did mae like it?

heather m said...

hmmm...I'll have to try that too. Food definitely does NOT give me butterflies, I really wish it did.


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