Friday, January 2, 2009

Hand Sanitizer

I thought it would be interesting to post some photos peeking into our household. Things I look at a lot. The bulletin board at my kitchen desk. I made it from a piece of foam board and fabric I love. The colors, faces, artwork all mixed together represent our friends, family and my current state of mind. The pictures of D. working from his home office. I must go in while he is working at least 10 times a day. Sitting, staring at his laptop is one of the most familiar scenes in my life.
Anyway, I heard a big piece of news today. I love NPR, and although M. complains it gives her a stomachache, I listen to Fresh Air and Science Friday whenever I can. Today on Science Friday, Ira was interviewing two doctors about the cold and flu season. I should have turned it off, knowing my mind already has enough information about sickness, probably too much, but, I did not. I figured there was nothing they would say that would be news to me, so what the heck. Long story short, the expert doctor said that alcohol in hand sanitizer gels do not kill the cold virus. DOES NOT KILL THE COLD VIRUS. Isn't that the reason I use hand sanitizer? So I don't get a cold and then a 2 month long sinus infection? I gasped so loud hearing the news little M. in the back seat asked what happened.

Now, if are with me for longer than 5 minutes, you know I don't really go out in the world without my bottle of organic lavender hand sanitizer. I keep a giant bottle of it at home in my closet for refills (the most wonderful mother's day present from my mother in law!) a bottle under my kitchen sink for chicken juice (bacteria which I know alcohol kills!) and generic extras in my bathroom drawer just in case. My dear husband gave up about 4 years ago trying to convince me I just don't need to be so freaky about germs. He refuses to use hand sanitizer, period. M. has pitched fits on numerous occasions when I make her hold out her hands to get a squeeze of gel after being almost anywhere. My girlfriends just go with it, because everyone has their vice, I think they find it mildly funny, and it has come in handy on occasions for them too. Yes, I admit my trusty blue bottle is my security blanket. A funny story about me and germs that just sums up how the universe is supporting my spiritual growth. M was about 2, and we were in an airport between flights. I had just gotten done telling her the "do not touch anything" speech that I say every time we go into a public bathroom stall. But she was two, and it is hard enough to get a kid not to touch anything or crawl under the bathroom door for that matter. While I was going to the bathroom she turned around and LICKED the bathroom stall wall. That was a very hard day for me.

I have actually had an argument with D. on a plane because he would not promise to use a seat cover in the airplane bathroom with M. Airplane bathrooms I consider my own personal hell.
So, I am going to need a new security blanket now. And as my next plane ride on monday fast approaches, I will have to be quick about it.


mona said...

you and your bathrooms...i remember a few stories...this one really made me laugh!!!

Sarah said...

ohhhh friend, I'm sorry. that's got to add some stress to your everyday life. I did appreciate m. licking the bathroom wall--she & my guy might have a serious future together.


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