Friday, January 9, 2009

How I medicate

Now that I am SEVEN years into my 30's, interesting things are starting to happen to my body. One thing is the insomnia I experience before my period. It always shows up, and it looks like this; I go to sleep and wake up a couple of hours later and lay in bed for a good 1-2 hours. As soon as I get my period, insomnia goes away. So, I take a Calms Forte pill before bed for the week before my period, and I usually skip the insomnia for the most part. Depending on other miscellaneous factors, I also take a chelated calcium and magnesium pill before bed which works really, really well too. My Calms Forte bottle comes with me whenever I travel to help with resetting my sleep clock, unfamilar beds and the flu-ish feelings I get with jet lag. Oh yes, and I take it before bed on the nights I drink a glass of wine so I do not experience alcohol induced anxiety and insomnia. This week I am experiencing PMS, jet lag, new bed and wine, so I am loving my bottle. When I take a pill, I do not notice much of anything. Perhaps a little tired, but that is it. But, I ended up falling asleep faster and staying asleep. And when I take it with my Cal/Mag pill I really sleep well.
Now what is Calms Forte' you ask? It is a non-addictive homeopathic pill. I also only take one pill; two can make me feel groggy in the morning. But, my body is super sensitive so you might take two and notice no difference.
I love this company so much, I buy the kids Calms Forte' and give to M. for traveling and any kind of restlessness she may get before bed.
Writing about this makes me excited to share all my goodies in my medicine cabinet. I am especially excited to write about tonsil stones, but may loose some of my very short list of readers due to the grossness.

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Sarah said...

this is at the top of my list for the next trip to whole foods. assuming they have it.

it really is a major drag that you live so far away. think of all the entertainment we could come up with now.


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