Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eating Well

How this country eats has always interested me. How I eat has always interested me. Cooking is a something I think about and dream about. Last summer I did a colon cleanse and Master Cleanse for 6 days. I drank lemon juice, maple syrup, water and cayenne for those days and nothing else except the colon herbs. For six days I thought about food, menus and recipes. It was torture. I made homemade pasta for my family during that cleanse because I missed cooking so much. I could not disconnect from mixing flavors and textures together. My friend was fasting with me and we talked daily. He seemed relieved that he could disconnect from food while fasting. It has made me wonder if I have unhealthy attachments to food. This is worrisome thought for me because I practiced nutrition for 5 years and taught people how to eat. I would take many of my clients to the grocery stores and show them how to shop by reading labels and understanding ingredients. I would create diets and recipes for these people who were trying to change things in their bodies or lose weight or feel better. And yet I have struggled with weight, going up and down depending on how I am choosing to eat.
Michael Polan's The Omnivore's Dilemma really dived into food politics. How far our country has moved from the dining room table, locally grown food and eating well. Because eating well has become a cloudy area. And I ask myself that question every day, every meal "am I eating well"? When I travel, I ask that question to whatever city I am in. Do these people eat well? Do these people have resources to eat well? Is there any inspiration to eat well? Does the community support them to eat well? In California the answers are all yes, and then some. I feel like I moved to food heaven coming to California!
Fat Flush is a diet I go on when I need to drop weight. It works really well. My body responds well to it. It eliminates all starchy carbohydrates, fats and sugars. It can be very rigid if you don't get creative. I will be diving right into my creativity. I am spending my nights falling asleep creating the best fat flush dishes my mind can muster. Grilled radicchio and pear salad. Free range meatballs with puttanesca sauce. Red peppers stuffed with cumin chicken. Grilled salmon with tofu lemon rosemary sauce. Because food never leaves my life and I am determined to make peace with it.


Sarah said...

You go-- and make sure the recipes are all included with this flush adventure. Let's talk more about what exactly goes on during this cleanse.

claire said...

Did a cleanse not that long ago.... want to find out more about this fat flush too!


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