Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It might make you jealous

For God's sake, Gweneth Paltrow has a blog. And she is talking about cool things I like; fasting, traveling, shopping, decorating, eating. I am so annoyed. The popular girl at school has something interesting to say. I read a lot of it just now, and I want to be her friend.
The only thing I could think while reading it (besides how I am going to try all the recipes she listed) is how does she have time to type so much? Her assistant must do it.
It is a little over the top with kabbalah, zen and jewish mystics answering questions like how to handle a pessimistic friend. But, I hand it to her for doing it. Go Gweneth.
if you want to see for yourself:

1 comment:

Sarah said...

tell me what I can substitute for the lamb? we're just chicken, turkey & fish folks.


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