Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"bikini" bread and playdates

Tuesdays is the day we spend with our friend B. He is ten days younger than M. and they have been buddies since their births. Can't you just feel the love? And M's double chin in the photo above just makes me laugh. They were playing restaurant, and I was their customer. We ate sushi and bread. I get lots done when these two play together. Today I made zucchini bread. Easy and great to pack in lunches. You can just leave it on the counter and little hands will randomly swipe pieces to snack on. These two kept forgetting how to say zucchini and by the end of the day M. was asking for "Bikini bread". Gotta love the four year olds. Better than SNL.

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Anonymous said...

I would loved to have been there to see the two play. I wish zucchini bread WAS bikini bread! I would eat a loaf at a time. Yours looks wonderful. Yumm! G


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