Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Foogo Thermos

Cannot live without this. Cannot. Part of my "I can't live without" list. You can get them at Target, and they are worth every penny. Here is why. See how wide the thermos mouth is? That makes it a breeze to clean. It is also stainless steel on the inside, which is the way to go. A perfect kid size thermos. I pack a lunch for M. and use it almost everyday. Here is a list of things I put in it for her lunch: (all warmed up that morning of school and almost always leftovers!)
stir fry veggies
steamed squash
sauteed zucchini
quinoa or rice with veggies
I just feel good inside knowing M. is eating a warm lunch. Sometimes she is not into it like last week when I tried to get away with pot roast leftovers, but 99% she goes with it. I am also a big supporter of zero waste lunch so this is right in line with that philosophy. For little kids they also sell an insulated sippy made of stainless steel that keeps beverages cold or warm. If you get one, tell me what you think!

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