Monday, February 23, 2009

The Friendly Skies

Flying on an airplane is always challenging. At least I think so. I start a mental checklist about a day ahead of time and it is mostly a kid checklist created to pass the time more easily sitting on our butts for however many hours we are destined for. I have a straw bag I stuff with the essentials; computer, dvd player, coloring books, kid sized suitcase filled with pens, small plastic animals, stickers and small notebooks. But, after all this preparing I have come to realize that all M. needs on a plane is food and drinks. One big snack and a glass of OJ can provide a good hour of entertainment. Yesterday, as we were sitting on the runway and the pilot starts telling us there are 35 planes in front of us for takeoff, I almost broke into a sweat. But, I am finding out my little girl seems to roll with the punches better than me, a trait I am thankful she picked up from her dad.
All in all, the trip was seamless. The only snafu was me going through security. I was picking up my things from the bins and notice a security guard standing about 3 feet from me. She sneezed, covering her mouth with her blue latex gloved hands. She then walks over to me, and puts her freshly sneezed hand on my computer, to comment on how cute my bag is. I pull it away from her as fast I can while cursing her under my breath. GET YOUR SNEEZY SNOTTY HANDS OFF MY STUFF is the only look I can send her and she backs away. I am so pissed I want to scream. I grab an anti-bacterial wet wipe out of my purse and start scrubbing away as my husband is repeatedly asking me what happened because it seems like I must have been tasered by my severe reaction. No honey, it was only snot. Just let me freak out and then I will recover.
But, I do want to do a shout out to the lovely flight attendant who not only gave D. a free glass of wine on the plane, but offered her own coat as a pillow for M's. head. That is service long, long past in the airline industry. Thank you flight attendant from Napa on our Delta flight. You rock.

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