Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mexican for breakfast

I guess I am excited to get back to my blog. I have been on a roll the last few days. Being an introvert, blogging suites me. I am sitting here in my sister's living room watching M. eat breakfast. What is she eating? Well, she is eating Chilaquiles. I have found a kindred spirit in food world when my own daughter will eat mexican food (by request) for breakfast over waffles and chicken apple sausage. My sister made a big pan of Chilaquiles on Oscar night. It is one of our favorite dishes from one of our favorite restaurants in SF called Mamacitas. Coat tortillas chips with enchalada sauce mixed with sour cream, and top with green chiles and cheese. Bake and then serve hot. We have been eating these leftovers for two days. M. saw me eating a bowl yesterday and decided she wanted to taste them. Two bowls later she was licking her lips patting her full belly. Yeah, thats my kid. Of course this is the child that pounded her high chair when she was 11 months old demanding me squirt a big pile of mustard on a plate for her to eat. The same kid who would eat piles of sliced Hamachi at the sushi restaurant announcing she is a "big bear eating fish". I don't let her eat everything however. She did not drink cow milk until she was 3 yrs old. Now she walks around telling people "My mom lets me drink cow milk now, she says its ok." I wonder what she will want for lunch.

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