Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ralph Sr.

Our beloved Ralph Sr. died today. Suddenly and unexpectedly. M's Grandad. My father-in-law. I guess we all process our losses differently, but today I am going to try to tell you about all the things I loved about him and made him such a special person to our family. All the things I will really miss.
He was a steady, calm, patient man
He wore cashmere sweaters a lot and hugging him was the softest, coziest place
He was a master of "going with the flow"
He loved his family and accepted them unconditionally
Everyone wanted to hang out with him. He was just cool like that
His marriage was a model of success I will always aspire to
He kept everything uncomplicated and always seemed deeply at peace to me
He had healing hands
He was a fantastic host and always made people feel welcome
He loved lobster and crab legs and would sit at a table for as long as it took to finish them
He used to be a firefighter and I always thought that was so cool
He loved his wife deeply and would do anything for her
When he came to visit us, he loved to read newspaper and eat pastries
He always had a secret candy stash and would share it with me when I was visiting
He was never in a hurry and always on time
He gave me great big hugs and I got to kiss his very soft cheeks
He restored my faith in family

I love you so much Ralph.


Sarah said...

Jess- so, so sorry about your loss. He sounds like a wonderful man and an important part of your family. Just looking at the photos you can tell that he was a patient and loving man. Wish we lived closer to you so we could help out somehow. Hugs to everyone.

heather merriam said...

What a sweet and loving tribute. Obviously he was a very special man. My thoughts are with you all.


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