Monday, February 16, 2009

thank you

I have a really hard time asking my friends to do things for me. Really hard. Maybe that is the Capricorn in me. Any way, as D. and I are going through many tough moments with the economy and actually needing things, my friends are coming to the rescue of us. Really coming to the rescue. I feel like in many ways this past month has contained a year worth of stress and upheavals. In that, I am being knocked off-kilter and that is very very disorienting for me and my fondness of normalcy and steadiness. Life has had a dream-like quality I have never experienced before and each day I wake up I truly do not know what we will be facing. Then the loss of Ralph Sr. catapulted us out into the planet's orbit. We are eventually coming back to earth though, and my heart has been humbled seeing all the people who are catching us as we fall. I truly truly know what community is and it is my nugget of gold while seeing the country falling apart. Thank you. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you.


Sarah said...

Wish I lived next door so I could be there. you're going to make it through this-- all of it-- your friends are there to hold you up when you need it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jess (as Ralph would say) I need a need a hug.


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