Thursday, February 12, 2009

valentine's day

I remember very clearly being in first grade and going to the A&P grocery store and picking out a box of valentines for my classmates. The funny commercial looking valentines everyone gave out in class to each other. I can't even remember if people signed them. It was more like trading baseball cards than valentines. Fast forward to present. A mixture of expectations and the rejection of commercialism has forced mothers around this messed up nation to hand make valentines day cards. I can understand the wonderful efforts to make special cards for special friends. In fact, our first wave of valentines day cards were spearheaded my M. asking me to help her make cards for her special friends. But the expectation of hand made valentines day cards for her whole class (even those classmates she does not share days with) is getting me all fired up. So I spent an hour yesterday making stupid hand made valentines. M. did not make them. She does not have patience to sit and make 20 cards. What person under the age of 8 does? And I actually STRESSED over if they were up cute enough. That is annoying. And it seems there is sort of an unwritten rule that the valentines must be hand made, not the commercial hello kitty or barbie variety. M. got her valentines from school this afternoon, and after today they will be a forgotten memory. Trash I will throw out. Well, recycle. Sometimes, I want things to be easy, like buying already made valentines day cards. Sometimes I think the expectations mothers have to meet the "standard" is bullshit. Sometimes I just want to not try so hard and still be accepted. Because kids don't care about what friggin valentine they get, and either do I.


Anonymous said...

WOAH! Were these two "valenines" given to M? The gun was a little shocking ... G

heather m. said...

I love the old retro-girl one...I got some a few years back for Jacks to use and saved some for a future project yet to be done...I forgot about them. Should have dug them out for the teachers and bus driver I forgot about...oh the pressure. Seriously, I wouldn't hand-make the valentines for his class this year. I can guarantee NO-ONE in that class would appreciate them. And I can guarantee NO-ONE will be sending a handmade card home in his bag. I love making them however and would be happy to do so for those nearest and dearest. Maybe I'll send you year. :)


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