Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese

I bought a bag of Robin Eggs yesterday.
Thought you might want to know.
Oh yeah, and lice is back at school. Parasites suck. I mean they do suck, but metaphorically they suck too.
Millionare Matchmaker is on Bravo tonight, and since I have been in a tv depression since Top Chef and Fringe are gone, I need something to cling onto.
And M. has somehow discovered the existence of Chuck E. Cheese. "Where a kid can be a kid" she says. If I can do a sweep with Clorox wipes inside the joint I may consider it. Special occasion. Frozen pizza is only a very, very special occasion. It can't be fresh can it? Chuck E. Cheese?
I just googled it, and found a really funny article about a CEC experience in Sacramento. I am definitely not going after reading the article.
While writing this blog entry, I felt a bite of some kind on my neck. Then I felt a black bug of some kind in my hair. I pulled it out in pieces and got the magnifying glass out. Not lice, but something that bites. Something with a mandible. Something that pisses me off. I am trying to reassure myself it is not poisonous. Time to get in the shower and get the alcohol swabs out. I go through boxes of alcohol swabs. Love them. Gotta go!


heather m. said...

Hilarious article..
I am glad that Jacks has never requested to go to Chuck-e-Cheesy...and that he has a self-imposed food "allergy" to crappy pizza (and school lunches, btw.) This makes my life healthier, albeit harder when he does want to go to the bowling equivalent of CEC on a Friday fun night but doesn't want to eat there and we end up searching for someplace he does want to eat and end up at Grandmommy's house to pick up baby bro at 9pm begging for a homemade grilled cheese sandwich...and I end up with Great Mom Award #359 b/c I starved my kid until 9:30pm...true story.
:) My robin's eggs lasted approx. 1 day.

d said...

Only M would re-quote the saying "where a kid can be a kid". Man - you are in for it when she is a teenager.

Sarah said...

dude-- chuck E Cheese is vile. not only that, but I'm convinced its filled with pedophiles. Ok- lice, big sigh. I am praying it does not strike your house but if it does, you could kick its ass inside 20 minutes. I am still convinced that it is lurking inside my home waiting to emerge.

Are you watching 30 Rock? If not, get there fast. That gives me many welcome laughs by this point in the week.

Anonymous said...

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