Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm with Stupid

This morning in bed talking to the 4yr old:

So what should we do about you saying Stupid so much?

I don't know

I have an idea. How about you pay us a quarter out of your piggy bank every time you say stupid.

No, that is not a good idea. Here is my idea. You take a toy I don't play with very much out of my room if I say Stupid.

I don't think you will stop saying Stupid if we go with that plan

Well, Mommy, I only say Stupid because you don't let me have treats every time I want one. If you let me have as many treats as I want I will stop saying Stupid. It is just too hard for my brain to stop saying Stupid.

How about you say another word instead of stupid, like "butterscotch"

No mommy, that is a cat name.

Ok, I give up then.


Meg DeZutti said...

I think I just peed myself reading that. TOO funny!

heather said...

Man, she's cute. and funny. You might have to lock her up when she's a teenager.

d said...

I loved that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, M! What logic! What sharp thought processes! Oh, Jessica, what patience! God bless you! G


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