Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Look How Productive I am!

Internet went out for a couple of days and I darn near lost my mind. I was fidgeting and moping and it was not pretty. Due to no internet, I bought and read The Union this morning, our local newspaper (5 wonderful pages of fluff). D. strolled into the living room saw what I had been reduced to, chuckled, and said something like "Wow, no internet again today. I bet you will be really productive".
I will show you productive.
Hand me the phone.
I am calling the internet company so I talk to someone in India. You know they really know how to solve problems over there. Really. Once they pronounce you name wrong once or twice they start cracking the problem wide open with real solutions. Really. It only took 3 calls and 1 hour of my time last night talking to "service technicians" in India last night to tell me something is seriously wrong. Lets just try it again today.
I have nothing against India. Btw. In fact M. asked tonight at dinner if we could go to India someday and see the elephants. I politely declined. She said "Why mommy? Is there something about India you wouldn't like?"
Yes. There is . Lots of parasites and things that make you really really sick.
"Daddy will go with you honey".
But in all fairness, the other gentleman today I talked to (after waiting 30 min on hold) fixed the problem. ALL THE WAY FROM INDIA!!!! I told the guy he really, really made my day. Seaweed Snacks thanks you dear kind sir.
I am back online baby!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Every once in a while I can't get onto Facebook, J. and it drives me loopy. I think it is because I have changed and added so many passwords, I have lost track of the all! I need to be more careful!

Anonymous said...

That would be G.


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