Sunday, March 22, 2009


Auntie rented Beverly Hills Chihuahua for M. Usually I only let her watch G movies, but is a movie about dogs, so we made an exception. And when you are 4, almost 5 (I am discovering) it is all about the "bling". Very cute, and very G rated I must say. And oh, my daughter is in her idea of dog heaven. Belly laughs abound.
Someone needs to stage an intervention with my husband and convince him a dog would make his life easier and his daughter very, very happy.


heather said...

Dogs ARE the best. Still trying to get up the nerve to get another one however. When you have one for 14 years, it's hard to imagine another. (sniff. sigh.)

Good luck working on him. I'll have to ask my dad (who was adamantly opposed to ANY indoor animals) how he was talked into letting Santa bring me a cat for my 8th christmas. Remember Noey?

Will have to rent this movie sometime.

Gigi said...

Oh, my. I think Angus is the best dog, BUT I am afraid he is developing knee problems. What a HUGE expense it would be to have knee surgery (Not a chance!) So far, if he doesn't run too much, it isn't a problem ... but if he takes off and runs fast ... he ends up limping a lot. Oh, my. Somehow, I don't think you can explain to a dog about being responsible and how surgery works or how to avoid it! Pooh!


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