Sunday, March 15, 2009


We watched Religulous last night. Have you seen it? Funny. The best part was I had my husband sitting next to me narrating. He has a degree in Religious Studies, and has read the bible many times. He studied western and eastern religion full-time for four years. Of course now he is a Buddhist so go figure. He has a appetite for accepting most things. But, I think sitting and meditating for 14 days in a row can do that for you. No talking. Just sitting. Watching your mind for two weeks. For years, over and over again. That sounds really painful to me. Maybe that is why he could sit with me for 28 hours while I was in labor. He says he does zazen when he gets his teeth cleaned. Apparently there is a lot of scraping. A lot of plaque. No mercy from the hygientist. Don't know why I always chuckle at that story. I think it is because men don't get periods or cramps, or sick like moms do. Moms are on the front lines of the battle. We chauffer everyone around. We clean up the bodily fluids, take our kids to the petri dishes called pediatrician's waiting rooms. Clean dried boogars off the walls. We always know where the Motrin is. We make sure there is enough toilet paper in the house. Check to make sure the doors are locked at night. Check the voice mail. Now I know my kid's hair is not always brushed before school, but I never run out of laundry detergent and that should count for something. Right?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Jessica! Boy, I have missed a lot! I somehow cant get on facebook but go directly to your blog. You are such a great writer! I LOVED the one about "moms clean the boogies off the wall!!!!!" Oh, how true!


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