Monday, March 9, 2009


My daughter wants a dog very very badly. Very.
Our cat has been sort of a half person. She plays with him for hours. I think he experiences near death experiences everyday while under the care of my loving daughter. But, she will not let go of the promised land of being a dog owner. My husband is flat against ever having a dog.
I am stuck in the middle.
M. requested tonight at bedtime to go outside and wish upon a star. We all went outside and M. looked up at the sky and started reciting a spontaneous poem to a star. I can't even remember exactly what she said, but ended something like this
"And please star, if you can send me a pug doggie to snuggle me in my bed, that would be wonderful. Please come to me pug"
We walked inside and D. says
"Did you put her up to that?"
"No honey, she just really wants a dog"
And there you have it. My daughter is bypassing her daddy to get a dog because that is getting her nowhere. She is starting to go to the spiritual realm to get her dog needs met.
I do want a dog. I waffle depending on the day. Whenever I think of how much we travel I am glad we don't have a dog. But mostly I would like one to. I surf to find the perfect one. I have only found two on my searches. One is available for adoption right now. I will get a picture of him. His name is Scruffy. I put his picture above.


d said...

oh man - I love her.

Sarah said...

I live on petfinder these days. my husband is not a dog person & refuses to have anything to do with them. THis proves to be a bit challenging, but we've come to a tenuous agreement that I want the dog & will accept all responsibility for it & don't expect him to do a thing to help. To me a dog makes the family, but I grew up always having a dog. I would just suggest having something that is bigger than some of the wildlife around you guys! Aidan dies for pugs.


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