Friday, March 13, 2009

Seaweed Snacks in the Kitchen

I read GOOP, Gweneth Paltrow's blog every couple of weeks. I like to keep up with the cool and hip girl. Make sure I am not missing out something big. It sorta bugs me that it is an innate part of her to be effortlessly cool, but mostly I am happy she is in her own way making the world a better place through her blog. She announced that next month her blog will feature an interview with Tamra Davis, who is a NY super mom. She produces short online video cooking shows. She is also married to one of the Beastie Boys, and an extremely accomplished movie director and mother to two children. I went to her website and watched a couple of her videos. Of course it is totally pro; music, editing, camera angles, but just enough of the roughness to make it seem homespun. A niche. A total niche. The kind of niche that could really give the Food Network a run for its money. Immediately, I wanted to make a cooking YouTube video! I don't have a digital recorder or any editing skills, but I have a pretty kitchen and lots of good ideas. By last night I had the concept of my "show" all figured out. Easy, seasonal, budget minded cooking that is geared toward mom's who need meals that are quick.
Oh, a girl can dream right?
This one will keep my mind going for days.


Sarah said...

why dream about it? you could totally do it- especially now that you have your mac. it has all sorts of editing features on it-- it would be fabulous.

d said...

Dude - you have an apple laptop. That thing has editing stuff BUILT INTO IT! Do short ones like the gourmet videos on You Tube. I learned how to make ricotta cheese in 2 minutes.


Sarah said...

maybe my fellow commenter D is who is bringing DUDE back into my daily lexicon. Ricotta cheese in two minutes....hmmmm. something to think about.

I just grudgingly checked out GOOP and it angered me on site. I lasted all of three minutes and now I'm hostile. Celebrities suck---- your blog is much better.

heather m. said...

DO IT!!! yay. I'll tune in..:)

oh, and my hubby is a mac genius...web guru, etc. (he'd scoff at that description...) you could throw q's at him if you needed to. But you probably wouldn't need to...

You are supermom.


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