Thursday, March 26, 2009


So M. is sick. She got home from school today and just laid on the floor with a blanket. Her fever is currently 102.2 and counting. I am trying not to focus on the possibility of me getting sick too. She has been moaning for at least 3 hours saying the same thing over and over again "I don't feel good". I am just sitting next to her listening to the broken record. TV when you are sick just never cuts it. But we are sitting here in front of the TV, sick and bored. I just turned on the Travel Channel and it is a show on the world's best water parks. There was a water slide in Canada they were showing that is supposedly the steepest, fastest water slide in north america. The kind of slide that would send your bathing suit bottoms far far up your butt. A Mega-wedgie slide I would not ever attempt. All of a sudden, the deathly ill rise (I jumped from the sudden life from the lifeless kid moaning next to me)
"MOMMY!! I could go on that slide"!!!!!
"You could? That really steep water slide?"
YES!! Mommy, I would just need my FLOATIES!!"
She even sat up to say it.
She is taking notes now.
"Mommy, they said those slides are in Georgia"
(did I mention she doesn't know how to swim?)
I love my daughter. Love her.

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