Monday, March 30, 2009

sparkle world

Here is an example of an issue of Sparkle World. (found at our local grocery store in town) But, see the bratz on the front of this? We don't do bratz, so if it is on the cover, it is a no go. Ditto for HSM and Hannah. But strawberry shortcake and my little ponies and puppy in my pocket I will let slide. This is hours of entertainment for M. She studies every page like 10 times, then does the crafts and games. After, she cuts things out and puts them in weird places in her room.
Don't know where she gets that trait from.
Oh yeah, me. Don't laugh when I tell you this, it is highly embarassing.
We have a rampant tiny black ant problem in our house. Personal warfare on my part. I have peppermint oiled the hell out of them and put out traps. Nothing is getting rid of them. There is an ant trail at the edge of my closet that annoys me to no end. I swear them under my breath any time I go into my closet. Today I found one on my dresser.
Then Gasped.
M's Halloween Candy.
It is in my sock drawer
I put it there to hide it after the "halloween fairy" came to our house, but just forgot about it. Well I looked at it every once in a while digging deep, but ignored it mostly, too lazy to throw it away.
The ants promised land. There were a lot of ants in my drawer today, but they are gone now. A couple of peppermint soaked cotton balls in my drawer got rid of all but a loner I found tonight.
That falls under the "stupid move" category. Not that I categorize my life, but I am a capricorn.

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