Monday, March 30, 2009

we have hit an all time low folks

Granted M. is not feeling stellar. And she was mighty angry when I took her Sparkle World magazine away from her in the car after she tried to slug me.
But in her angst and sheer willpower to get her magazine back she announced to me in the car....
"I wish you did not exist Mommy."
There ya have it. I kinda laughed when she said it.
Now we have gone to the dark side, there is nowhere but up.


Gigi said...

Here is my take on it. Kids do not know about "personal" insults. They go for the shock factor. If you are shocked, then they win. If you are not shocked or insulted, then you win and they loose. The trick is not to take anything they say personal ... or with emotion. FACT is, M doesn't REALLY mean that. All you have to do is think of her little sad, tear streaked face when she was here and I was putting her to sleep after the sixth book, "I know my mommy will come if you call her! I need her!" A true "melt your heart" moment.

Sarah said...

dude, what the hell is sparkle magazine?? clearly its HUGE if it got that type of reaction. when my then five year old daughter shrieked that she hated me, I was stunned because I had never had the balls to say that to my mom. I sort of admired the passion in her anger.

heather said...

My child goes to the dark side more times than I care to admit. But, he always finds his way back. He has only once gone "there" and I responded calmly that I was sorry to hear that since I loved him. Guilt is good in my book every now and then. Maybe not appropriate or the right thing to do, but it tends to work in this situation. ha.
(Gigi prob. has the more appropriate solution however...)

I think girls definitely have the verbal attack down more than boys though. I think we must be born with it in our female DNA. Maybe it's the estrogen......


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