Friday, April 10, 2009

the game

I am reading Eclipe the book after Twilight and it is taking up all my time.
Also I have been obsessed with thunderstorms all day and the internet was not working.
I started a new"game" for M. I had to do something; she is using "stupid and hate" way too much. I set out a glass full of jelly beans. Every time she says something that is inappropriate, she is required to remove a jelly bean. She can earn them back however, by helping out in the house doing something useful. At the end of the week if she has all her jelly beans still in the jar, she gets to do something special with the family that she chooses. So far the last two days I have seen a 90% improvement in her attitude. See, Bribery Works. I have scientific proof.

1 comment:

d said...

brilliant! is she having fun? How is Angus doing?


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