Friday, April 3, 2009

Going to SF and Paper Source

I will stop talking about my illness. Soon. As soon as I am better.
Today I am still 100 degree fever, pink eye, and exhausted. I started taking the Mercurius and things are getting worse before they get better (lots of homeopathic remedies work that way). But I had the Flu last year and this stupid cold virus is damn near close to how bad the flu was.
Anyway, I am going to SF today to go to a seminar with my sister. It has been planned for a while now and I am going sick or not. There happens to be a Paper Source a couple of blocks from her house and because I am getting so many nutrition referrals I have run out of my cute file folders. I am getting more today from the Paper Source. So sweet!

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Sarah said...

you've been tagged my friend. follow the link.


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