Sunday, April 19, 2009

How it went

What a success yesterday was. There were 4 other families from our community who were there, and M. seemed really comfortable and I loved that we knew other children and parents. Towards the end of the gathering, all the parents sat in a circle with the teachers while the kids played outside. The teachers gave some explanations about themselves and the kindergarten. All the parents introduced themselves and gave a bit of information about why they were drawn to waldorf. I realized that all the people in that room wanted to be there. They were willing participants in the micro-community of the school. M. would be a part of a community people were excited about and felt passionate about. The other local school we will not be attending on the other hand, is a mix of those very excited and motivated, but also those completely apathetic. Their kids have to go to school, and so they are there. I think kids take that in, and notice those things. I want to participate in an intentional school community people believe in. A school I can get behind.
Yesterday the teachers told us about a special thing that happens in kindergarten that sums up why I love this school. There is a basket they showed us of little waldorf dolls. These dolls are called Precious Ones. They come from the Fairy Mother. Each kindergartener is given a special Precious One to take care of while they are in kindergarten. Each doll has a story and a personality. I really felt like I was taking care of M. yesterday. Yes, I am going to be annoyed with the long drive. But she is going to be surrounded by loving hands that are taking care of her spirit and her innocence, not worrying about letters, numbers and academic standards.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds wonderful and magical. You've had me thinking of Waldorf for Charlotte, though we have a few years to decide. I've been certain that I will not be sending my kids to the local school. Even if it wasn't on the brink of being shut down, and was a thriving public school, there would still be Waldorf, and other more compelling options. Hurray for M., she will thrive.
BTW I hope you can just rise above the naysayers... they just think you are cool and want you to be on their side. That special day in May is coming right up...


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