Wednesday, April 15, 2009

it was pretty gross

I have a little game I play with myself when I go to public places (like airports) it is called "The Gross Magnet Game". Today it went like this:
(and it goes from least to most gross)
1. flight #1 man sneezes (and I counted) 6 times w/o covering mouth on my very small plane. Each time I cringe. Husband looks at me and laughs

2. Lady at Seattle's Best Coffee greets me with a face mask and then touches my coffee cup. Now was she wearing a mask to keep the germs away from herself, or to keep her germs away from me?

3. Lady on flight #2 who was sitting in front of me coughed her nasty smokers cough/severe bronchitis/maybe TB? for 5 1/2 hours. Husband still laughing at me when I say for the 23rd time "oh my god I think she is going to drive me crazy".

DRUM ROLL PLEASE cause this almost made me vomit myself....and it takes the cake for all gross things I have witnessed in a public place

4. Foreign guy sitting next to me in airport terminal clipping his finger nails.
With out a trash can or anything else to catch the clippings. Just right there in the open. I did gasp when he made eye contact with me. I did death stare him three times. He must not understand death stare in his language.

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Meg DeZutti said...

HA! I don't think you are crazy at all. There is a little bit of OCD in all of us and it's healthy.
But -- I have personally witnessed TOE NAIL CLIPPING at a US airport. SUPER-gross! top that one baby!


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