Thursday, April 2, 2009

little sick

I have been below radar because of sickness. Today is the 5th day I have been sick and today I am the worst! Goopy eyes, clogged ears, and a sore throat that feels like strep. I had to take a motrin last night so I could sleep because my glands and throat were so sore. M. still had a bit of a fever last night which was day 7 of a fever. I looked it up however and it appears it is an adenovirus which can cause the extreme sore throat and conjunctivis. I have had a fever hovering around 99 degrees (my normal is 97ish) now for 5 days.
I am going to town today to pick up homeopathic remedy for the two of us. Mercurius is a remedy for sore throat, swollen glands, clogged ears and conjunctivitis! I thought to take M. to the dr. and have her look at her ears, but 95% of the time our pediatrician has been completely useless. She usually says "lots of fluids, a humidifier and motrin" and then gets a blank stare like she is waiting for us to get out of her office. Yeah, duh, I think I got that covered.
Most importantly is getting our ears back to normal before we fly next tuesday.
Of course, my husband did not get sick. He seems to always miss the sick train. M now thinks daddy's don't get sick.
They don't get sneezed and snotted on either. Thats my job.

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Sarah said...

what a drag-- sorry you guys are feeling low. where are you going next week?


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