Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Our last night here, we are going to an amazing brick oven pizza place that has organic green salads. I am very excited. But today, on the way taking M. to see Monsters vs. Aliens we stopped at Piggy's for a hot dog. It is an old school kinda place where two hot dogs set me back $3.75. I put my fear aside for a moment and ordered onions on my hot dog hoping they would not contain salmonella. We sat on the bench inside waiting for our hot dogs to go, and I noticed old license plates hanging above the cash register. The one that caught my eye said "License to Kill Terrorists Who Come to America". I whipped out my camera phone and stood in the middle of the dang restaurant (yeah, I think everyone looked especially after M. said really loudly "are you taking a picture?") and took a photo of the license plate so I could always remember and appreciate all the different opinions in this free county of ours. Even if I don't agree with them.

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heather said...

ha ha ha ha. awesome.


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