Saturday, April 11, 2009

zebra cake

Easter basket is done. I am going to hide eggs soon.
Made turkey potpie for dinner and used bisquik as the topping. It was almost difficult to not make the biscuit topping from scratch, but boy, easy and quick has a place in the world. Going to the grocery stores here in the south is so fascinating to me. I love watching what other people eat. Shitake mushrooms are almost $13 a pound here. In california at my local grocery store they are around $7 a pound. I buy shitake mushrooms every week at home. But I wouldn't buy them if they were that expensive. I remove the stems and bake the shitakes on a cookie sheet and then coarsely chop them and add to brown rice dishes, mix in with pasta, on a spinach salad or over grilled steak.
Have you ever made zebra cake or icebox cake? It is a tradition in D's family. Tomorrow we are eating it with Easter dinner. Here is the recipe:

1 box chocolate wafers
1 container heavy whipping cream
1/2 tsp. vanilla
powdered sugar to taste

whip the cream, and smear about a tablespoon of whipped cream between each cookie. Line up the cookies horizontally on a plate. Frost the outside of the cake with any remaining cream.
Cover very loosely with tin foil and put in fridge over night. The wafers absorb liquid out of the cream and expand. Cutting the cake on a bias will produce a striped piece. It seriously tastes like an oreo cookie. Kids love it and it is very very very easy to make. The wafers are sometimes found near ice cream cones in the grocery store and not in the cookie isle. Smitten kitchen blog has a homemade recipe for these wafer cookies I am going to make sometime soon.

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heather said...

Unfortunately, I think most of our produce is much more expensive. Of course, most everything else in Cali is more $$ so I guess I shouldn't move just yet.:)
Josh's family used to make this a lot and we have tried a few times early on but I had forgotten about it. We'll have to try it again. Of course, I'll steal your name for it, since he always just called it "chocolate wafer cake" ha. not too original, but definitely what it is. Love the pictures. looks like you are having fun.


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