Thursday, May 14, 2009

Anthroposophical Dr. visit

Tomorrow I am taking M. to get her kindergarten well check at a new doctor's office. She is a Anthroposophical Doctor. The focus with this kind of medicine is treating the whole person. They prescribe homeopathics and botanicals along with traditional medicine. I love my naturopath, but if I need antibiotics, she cannot prescribe them, nor does insurance cover her visits.
I am very excited about this for a couple of reasons. First, I am going to ask for a homeopathic remedy that may help my daughter's sudden case of anger issues which is manifesting as body slamming, growling, defiance and separation anxiety. Secondly, the doctor is a MD which means my insurance will pay for the visit. Third, this clinic offers vaccines that are separated (no more MMR together!) and free of all preservatives. These are not available at traditional pediatrician's offices because they are from europe. Our local mainstream pediatrician told me these kinds of vaccines do not exist. Well at least in her mind they don't.

M. has had four vaccines; 3 DTaP and 1 Polio. We have rampant whooping cough in our county, due to all the unvaccinated kids. Whooping cough is a major nightmare. Coughing for months. That means months of listening to my kid cough all night for a very long time. No thank you very much.
So I made my pediatrician Swear to God M. would not get autism before she got stuck with the needle. Literally, I made her say "I swear to God your kid will not get autism from this shot".
No wonder she doesn't like me so much.
I am sure she has put me in the category of "Annoying Parent".


heather said...

I LOVE that you made your dr say it out loud. Funny visual in my head...

Meg DeZutti said...

It's great you are finding a sneaky way around bad, bad insurance companies. I think we could all be healthier and happier with more natural/eastern based medical practices, but the US seems to be slow-going on this. I need to find an MD who will subscribe to this in Chicago. (that being said, I LOVE Sam's pediatrician and she has a LOT of experience with IA kids...)

Becky said...

Oh there is SOOOO a secret page in the file about you.


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