Monday, May 18, 2009

Fundraiser dinner

Saturday night was a fundraiser for our beloved cultural center. Six families volunteered to open their houses to those who wanted to pay $25 each for a night of drinks and food. After, everyone met at the cultural center for dessert and live music. D and I were one of the hosts for this event. I thought we were only going to have 10 people, but we got 20 guests, and it was a blast. We choose to have a pizza night since it is so informal and fun. D has gotten pretty good at pizza making.
We decided to make homemade margaritas and our friends inspired us to make negronis also. I set up an impromptu bar in our kitchen, and everyone helped themselves. Lets just say quite a few people has quite a bit of fun that night (myself included). I thought to post pictures and give you my drink recipes, since this is a holiday weekend coming up. Good margaritas are a wonderful thing. I invested in a citrus juicer I plug into the wall so I can juice a bunch of limes at once and get a big jar of juice. I feel very strongly against sour mix while making a margarita, so here is the 100% handmade version.

1 shot cointreau
1 shot tequila
1 shot fresh lime juice
Shake with ice, pour over ice

1 shot gin
1 shot campari
1 shot dry vermouth
1 twist orange peel
Shake with ice and pour over ice

I also put out my Green Goddess Dressing as dip with endive spears. Everyone really liked it. In my photo my endive looks a little mangled. I assembled it 5 minutes before guests arrived, so I tore some. D prepped all the pizza ingredients and set them out on the island. He cooked 14 pizzas in 1 1/2 hours!

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Gigi said...

The party set-up looks soooo great! I bet the guests were very impressed!


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