Monday, May 18, 2009

Jedi mind tricks

Somehow my 5 year old has managed to sign up for a Jedi Mind Tricks class. She goes to class after her parents go to bed. She is receiving very good training, and although we do not know her teacher's name, I know they must be an old master with lots of experience. She will not tell me the specifics of this class, but has eluded that it is something along the lines of "Torture with Whining".
Since friday she has managed to say the same phrase over and over and over again. In fact, it has been the first thing she says as she wakes up, and the last thing she says going to bed for three straight days. On saturday she managed to say it for almost three hours in a row.
In a row. (but the last hour she was in her room saying it to herself due to us putting her there because she would not stop saying it)
I might speculate how many times my daughter has uttered the phrase
"I don't want to go to swim class" at about 500 times, but I cannot be sure. I know it is over 400 times though, and by the end of today it may be up to 700.
I am marveling at her stamina. I am thinking about how when she is an adult I will appreciate this trait in her. Not today, however.


heather said...

awh. Too bad I can't teach her. That's what I will be doing at my pool this summer. But, then, she might not like me too much.....:)

Gigi said...

I remember saying a phrase over and over again when D. was 5 years old or something like that ... or ever since he was two: "I refuse to allow you to reduce me to the state of insanity>" I said it over and over again, sometimes out loud, sometimes to myself, but always with a smile ... a forced or natural smile... but a smile! Oh, the memories! M. is growing fast.


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