Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May Day Festival

May Day was great. I always am apprehensive because of my introverted nature, but each year as time goes by, I am more comfortable. Plus, girlfriends help. A lot. We are lucky that this is our property, and it is only a 2 minute walk over to the big party. If I need a break, I just walk home.
This year I took pictures. The day begins with the ceremony, which is a mix of different representations of spring like May Maidens, Crones, Green Man, Bumble Bee Parade and Speaking From the Heart. Everyone is in a big circle and afterward, everyone walks down to the big meadow for picnic, merriment and partying late into the night. A festival of the community that has been organized for over 30 years to celebrate the arrival of May. There were too many pictures to post, so here is a link to my Picasa web album if you would like look at them.
Click here to see photos.

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Becky said...

I have been waiting *EXCITEDLY* to see the pics!!! It looks so fun!!! Why, by the way, are there no photos of you kickin' it at the May Day festivus? I also wanted to ask about the greenhouse I see beyond the pond next to the solar panel... do you grow your own veggies in the greenhouse, or flowers, or....??? Is your home completely off the grid? It just looks so fantastic Jessica, I'm so envious, and happy for your family of course!!


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