Friday, May 29, 2009

My Peeps and Dinner

Get ready for a photo!

Staying still for the photographer...

Ok, last one...we are hungry!!

Have you ever heard of studies that prove that people live longer lives when they have a close-knit community? This is the kind of world I live in. I know all my neighbors in a 1/2 mile radius. Well, I guess that is easy when every one is on 40 acre parcels for the most part.... In fact, the only reason I may not be able to live in a big city again is because there is such a large community of wonderful people here I could not bear to leave. Big-hearted, kind, creative, funny, genuine people. When I attend any kind of event in my community, I will certainly know someone there. A rare kind of place nowadays.
Last night, I had a small group of friends over to watch the documentary "The Business of Being Born," which was lovely. And, considering all the women pictured above have had home births, it is a topic near and dear to our hearts. They let me cook them dinner, feed them a bit of wine and enjoy swapping stories about our lives. Perfect kind of night for me.
My super-duper excited five year old took the photos above. She is becoming quite the photographer.

Vegan Green Goddess Dressing with Endive Spears
Broccoli Crostini
Salad with Mint and Radishes
Zucchini Salad with Pine Nuts
Grilled Niman Ranch Sausages


heather said...

You are so lucky to have a community like that. It is rare these days. :)

Anonymous said...

yes we are so lucky. i am still savoring that meal, jess. and it was such a sweet way to spend an evening...


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