Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Remedies

Just a bit about our Anthroposophical Dr. visit last friday.
I started my home remedy kit after visiting the Dr. She was very interested in M's constitution, and gave me a remedy for her separation anxiety at school. I have been giving it to her every morning before school this week, and there has been a dramatic change. No crying, almost no whining, and the other day she said she did not want to leave school when I went to pick her up. Total turn around!
I got remedies for the following
1. beginning of fever
2. fevers that are lasting
3. sore throats
4. infections of lungs, throat, ears
5. ear aches
6. sinus congestion
The Dr. explained to me the main goal of this style of alternative medicine is to support a child's body so that any infection or virus moves down and out of their bodies, and does not settle in their vital organs where it can become more dangerous (I am thinking like bronchitis, pneumonia, meningitis etc). This is done by keeping a child extra warm, compresses on the skin and homeopathic remedies. What I really love about this form of care, is that it is not dangerous and is very gentle on little people's bodies. And, you can do all of these treatments along with allopathic treatments and it won't interfere!


heather said...

very interesting. I should see if I can find a dr. like that here.

Becky said...

Very interesting. When you say they gave you remedies, are they remedies you can put together yourself, or concoctions they put together for you and give as a prescription as a traditional dr. would?


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