Friday, May 15, 2009

Swimming lesson part two

Dr. visit went well. Swimming lessons, not so well.
She got dunked again by the teacher, and the novelty wore off. So we are leaving swimming lessons and she starts in. But I was having a hormonal, I have-had-enough day.

Momma, I hate swimming lessons
(of course you said hate. that is your favorite word now!)

I am sorry you hate swimming lessons

No, I really hate them. My eyes were stinging in the water and I don't want to go anymore. I really really don't like swimming lessons. Please don't make me go again.

Sorry. You are going. You asked for them, I paid and you are going. We all had to dunk our heads under the water and no one likes it. You will get used to it. Every time you finish a class I will take you out for ice cream. But, you are going.
(that is the part when I became a really bitchy mother, right about when I got my period, my blood sugar got low and I had stop the car and latch her seat belt for her new booster seat for like the 20th time of the day.)

Oh yes, you are going. You Are Going. And then I heard haunted house music in my head.

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