Friday, June 5, 2009

Bar Tartine

Five year old taking a photo of our weird faces.....

Our angry faces.......

Trying to look normal......

Our friend Brooke!!!

Can you feel the love??

The best auntie in the world!

One of my most favorite restaurants...ever...

The best five year old photographer I have ever met!! Bravo little thing. She was in heaven being in the swing of things I tell ya.

Oh, my ultimate playground; San Francisco.
M. and I got here this afternoon and we proceeded to eat dinner at my favorite restaurant in here called Bar Tartine.
Monteray Sardines with fiddle head ferns, grapefruit and rhubarb soda
NY steak with oyster mushrooms. kimchee onions and sauteed asparagus
Home made vanilla malt ice cream
A couple of glasses of wine thrown in;
Divine friday night.
We took some funny photos!


heather said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, Jessica! Mae is looking SOOOO much like you!!!! So BEAUTIFUL!!! How much she has changed in even 6 weeks! And, Danielle FAILS in the looking weird pix ... A good thing! What fun!!! G

Anonymous said...

OOPS! I forgot not to use real names ... a facebook f.p.?


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