Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Raspberry Picking

Don't those two kids look happy? We had a blast today picking raspberries. Well, until the end when they started wrestling each other to the ground with those wooden berry holders on. They looked like mini sumo wrestlers.
We drove down the hill (about an hour from my house) and stocked up on the first raspberries of the season. It was $36 a flat which was about 6 pounds. The farm is not certified organic, but they do not spray, which is fine with me. It is family owned and I absolutely love supporting farm families. I picked up a flat of already picked Olallieberries too. They have a wonderful musky flavor that is wonderful to mix with the tart raspberries in a pie.
To prepare berries, I freeze them on a cookie sheet and then transfer them to ziploc freezer bags. This prevents them from clumping together into a big block of berries! It was a perfect 75 degrees here today and a bit overcast. A perfect weather day for me and berry picking.

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Becky said...

That looks so fun!!


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