Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When Ghosts Steal Cookies

Tonight, right before bedtime my delightful daughter had to poop. And, because she was eating a cookie when she figured out she needed a bathroom break, she asked if she could finish eating the cookie while doing her business. I figured she would eat the cookie on the way to the bathroom, but I give her a bowl to minimize the cookie crumb situation just in case. I send her on her way to the bathroom, and go check emails. Sometimes I have lots of time to check my emails while she is in the bathroom.
15 minutes later, I hear her yell "Done Mommy!" like she always does, and I go check on her.
I check the bathroom floor and start wiping up the crumbs. I guess she forgot she had a bowl? Anyway, then she launches in.

"Mommy, something terrible has happened. Someone stole my cookie and I am really mad. I ate a little bit of it, and left a big round piece in the bowl and it disappeared. I was concentrating on my poop, and suddenly when I looked back, it was gone. It was just gone mama. I think a ghost ate it mama. A ghost stole my cookie!"

"Ummm.......Ok, well, wow! What a story".

"Yes mama. And now I need another cookie Mama, cause a ghost stole mine"

I almost gave her a second cookie because I was so impressed with her acting abilities. Instead I got out the "Ghost Spray" guaranteed to eliminate ghosts in any room. Boy, that mint oil and water spray really does the trick.

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