Sunday, July 12, 2009

Camping Weekend

the drive on the way to the lake....

just a random photo taken on the drive. It was such a funny face I had to share.

Matt unloading his boat...which we loaded up with our gear and rowed across the lake to the camping spot.

Whoa, are these two excited!!

Our vanagon made the treacherous drive!

Our camping companions

Captain Matt

Never complained about rowing...

The rainbow trout! He brought special lures that worked!

We went camping this weekend with our wonderful friend Matt and company. We drove to a remote, high country lake with crystal clear (slightly chilly) water stocked with rainbow trout. We boated across the lake to the spot Matt really likes, and set up camp. The whole place was breathtaking. We had D's old backpacking tent, and it was about the size of a twin mattress the three of us slept in. I am very tired right now writing this as a result. Plus, I had a five year old (who was in the middle) kicking me all night long, talking in her sleep about how crowded it was in the tent and it was all our fault.
It was a successful weekend, and loads of fun hanging out with a great people. If you notice the boat in the pictures, I will tell you that Matt being the talented guy that he is, MADE that boat. BY HAND! That is a very rare kind of boat these days. He is another one of my smarty pants friends who is good at everything. And, he is know far and wide for the chilies he grows and the Mexican food he makes with those chilies. And when he is camping, he is a very, very happy guy.

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heather said...

Ahhh...more high country beauty. Love it....would make me very happy as well.


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