Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day Five!

There are so many things I want to talk about, but have not had the time. I will though.
Last night was the first night I slept through. Actually all of us slept through the night. What a relief!
Things I have noticed.....
The whole stainless steel (or nalgene) bottle has not hit here. I wonder if everyone is thirsty all the time.
Women wear perfume. A lot.
Consumption of everything is just lower here than the states
Most women have an amazing sense of style (due to not shopping at malls)
Americans all look the same. Especially women my age. The whole "I bought my outfit at the mall" kinda look
My clogs are helping me look less American. Tres bien!
The metro here makes public transportation in the US seem inefficient and slow. Trains come every two minutes it seems
There are tourists EVERYWHERE. If I were french, I would be annoyed about this.
My favorite skincare line (Caudalie) is sold in the drug stores here. Sephora had me convinced it was the top of the line; although I still absolutely love it!
People do not eat dinner here until after 8pm. We have been the first people in the restaurants we have eaten at (tonight at 7:45)
Bringing a little "prize" for M. each night we eat dinner out has turned out to be a very good investment
No one is on their blackberrys or cell phones like the US. Love that! In fact I have seen almost no blackberrys. (take note dear husband!)
There is more dog poo on the sidewalks in SF than here.
Everything has perfume in it. I guess this is like the US too; but I am really excited to get back to my eco detergents. I miss my BioKleen!!
There seems to be no such thing as organic here. Bummer.
You would be very hard pressed living here if you had a dairy allergy (I do...but am eating it anyway) because the whole milk alternative thing is nonexistant here
Everyone really is thin here.

We went to the famous Gourmet Supermarket yesterday. It was pretty far out. I still did not find my silk soy creamer, but I did go a little crazy picking up knick knacks to bring back.
Oh, and I went to the pharmacy yesterday to get some Motrin, which does not exsist here. It is on a shelf that only the pharmacist can reach, and there is just one box that says "Ibuprofin" on it. And it was only one euro for the box! It was very awkward trying to get the pharmacist to understand the word "motrin" and "ibuprofin". He finally said "Pain killer" and I nodded yes.
M. fell in the shower when I was washing her hair, and I pulled a muscle in my back preventing us both from slipping and falling in the tub. So, yesterday I had a very hard time moving around. Today is much better.
We did go to the eifel tower yesterday. Holy long lines. 3 hours to get through them. We took a few minutes to look around, and noticed that there was a very short line to get a ticket to walk up the stairs to the first level. 20 minutes later we were climbing the stairs. I really love it when I feel like I beat the system somehow. Of course M. had to go to the bathroom and the eifel tower bathrooms are just beyond my level of comfort. In fact we talked about that while inside the bathroom stall. We talked about how much we love our friend Nikiya's bathroom, because hers are always so sparkly clean. That we wished at that moment we were at Nikiya's house because my daughter who seems to never care what state a bathroom stall is in (even an airplane bathroom) said "Mommy this must be really hard for you in here, because it is even hard for me". We had a good laugh about it. I have just gotten over the whole germ thing here because I either am miserable the whole time or I just make believe I have a plastic bubble around me. I chose the bubble, and have really let go. Except I am still using hand sanitizer and washing my hands whenever possible. I have not seen one single soul in this whole city use hand sanitizer. Not a one. Just us.
tomorrow morning I will put up some photos...I am missing everyone!


Gigi said...

Oh, J! You have such a wonderful and funny way of telling things ... I especially LOVED the bathroom visualization! What a wonderful relationship you have with your daughter! How enviable! Have fun tomorrow!!! G

heather said...

ditto to what Gigi said...

LOVE the little things you notice...if they don't drink from Kleen Kanteens or Nalgenes, do they drink bottled water? Or, really, do you think they are just thirsty? Oh, so many questions....

Anonymous said...

hi sweet jessica,
i am having a blast reading these. paris through your eyes is so funny. mae's commentary is endlessly entertaining. i wish i could be there with you guys. keep the posts and photos a'commin'!!! love love love..


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