Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ferry Building

My visit to the Ferry Building last Saturday was delightful. Even M. was happy to be there. That may be because she got a ham and cheese croissant and $5 from her auntie to buy flowers for herself. It is crowded, but no matter. I visited Boulettes Larder. A working open kitchen, spice store and restaurant rental. I read about it on 101 cookbooks after Heidi mentioned she gets her achiote powder there. Oils, vinegars, spices in apothecary jars sold by the ounce are housed in a beautiful glass shelving unit that seems to beckon every enthusiastic cook like me.
Mostly you can feel the excitement in the air that something wonderful is happening at the Ferry Building. It is a nucleus of living through food, and change in the world in a most beautiful way. Compostable produce bags, hand made tamales, grass fed beef, local cheese, raw honey and anything fresh in season. My favorite catch of the day: Rose Petal Sugar. I will keep you posted on that. M. has already figured which pantry shelf that is on and tried to steal it. For her fairy tea of course.

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