Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Little Lovelies

These two are best buddies...

Auntie DD and girls...

This little one is a force of nature, cute beyond belief.

Above are more photos from the week of fun. My sister came to visit and she is always a kid magnet. Plus, she applies sparkly lip gloss to little people's lips, and that is a sure way to make quick friends with that crowd. I unfortunately shudder and grimace at such things, but I am working on my germ issues so that counts for something right?


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous pictures!

kag1969 said...

jess, I have just spent over an hour looking at your lovely photos and reading your work. It was so fun. I will share this with my friends! I hope you have a great time in Paris, miss not seeing you all. Your daughter is amazing! I hope one day you can come out here. Take care


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