Sunday, July 19, 2009

middle of the night

Jet lag is kicking our butt. We go to sleep fine, but then wake up. Last night I was up from 2am to 5am. Then finally fell asleep until 10am. Tonight I just got out of bed to write a blog entry. It is 2am. Plus I have indigestion, so go figure. I will post pictures in the morning. M. has been taking some and I need to get them up. Mostly they are wildlife. Ducks, pigeons and skylines. Although she did get my dinner last night and I am interested to see if that came out.
Today we went to the Pompidou Museum of Modern Art. We did not leave our apt. until 2pm so got a late start. Went for the Calder exhibit, which ends today. It was his famous circus. Alexander Calder lived very close to my grandparents house in Connecticut for a period of time, and we have always had a connection to him. He was famous for his mobiles and modern sculptures. My father has told stories about being at their house and Calder putting on his famous circus for him and my aunt. There have been Calder pieces in our family given as family gifts, but most are gone now, sold at auction. This has been a bit sad for my sister and I, that they are gone. Nevertheless, it has been a highlight of the trip for me to go to the exhibit, and after waiting over 2 hours to get into the exhibit, it ended up worth the wait. M especially seemed to enjoy looking at his many wire sculptures guessing what they were.
Dinner tonight was at Cafe De Musee, a 15 minute walk from our apartment. A bistro that was quaint, and perfect. The waitor spoke english (hurray!) and I would say atleast half the diners seem to be english speakers. Gotta tell you, Americans stick out. Seriously stick out. I told my sister waiting in the Calder line how refeshing it is that the whole teenage boys looking like the Jonas Brothers trend has not hit here. And teenage girls don't all look like little clones here. Ok, back to dinner. We got the price fixe menu, and it was gazpacho, and duck confit with an eggplant ragout and cranberry beans. Dessert was pot de creme with a piece of cake. It was solid. I would go back. I give it a B+.
More in the morning! Oh, and today was my Anniversary! Missing my husband. Six years married (9 years together). Lots of good hard work, fun and love; along with a fabulous therapist. A wonderful, brillant, hard working partner I feel very thankful for. We have a special bottle of wine given to us when we got married we are going to drink when we get back home. That, and a big plate of vegetables. I am going to be carbohydrated out by the end of the week!


heather said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you will have a fabulous reunion...

Man, I would be laying awake at night pining for lost Calder mobiles if they had been in my

So happy you are updating as you go. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary love birds
Love to hear what you are up to.
And thanks for the fashion update... I'm always curious. What do those young Parisians wear? More for your loyal readers!

Sarah said...

sounds like the trip has been fantastic so far. Mae is quite the traveller-- don't know that my gal would hang in there half as well. enjoy!!! love the apt. must make the trip so much better.


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