Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Paris photos

The cooking store for cooks! A most famous spot in Paris

A cafe we stopped at near the Louvre

Frenchie restaurant. Our best far

Simple understated elegance at Frenchie

The metro again! We rode it everyday

A walk to the Metro after a dinner

The quaint street L'epigramme was on

It was just ok...

Their menu for the evening. Our waiter translated it for us!

This ad was in every metro stop. She stopped and studied it many many times! Hilarious

Speaks for itself......

Here are the last of the photos from Paris. The Louvre, Frenchie restaurant, more of the metro and L'Epigramme restaurant. Yesterday I tried to find Sancerre Rose in 4 places with no luck! Rose wine is everywhere in Paris restaurants, unlike here. I decided I am going to try to start a trend.

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Anonymous said...

How funny! M. smiling in front of the men in their "tity whities"! Does she even know they are "hangin'" on the wall of the (very bright) metro? G.


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